Rheza Adwika Putra Ramadhan


「Full Support!」
Hi! my name is Rheza. I have approximately 4 years of experience studying in Kyoto and Narita. After graduating, I returned to my home country, but I wanted to make use of my experience in Japan. Therefore, in August 2023, I happened to join SolveHR.
I speak three languages: Indonesian, English, and Japanese.
Here in Japan, not only Indonesians but also people from all over the world came to Japan with dreams. However, on the flip side, they carry concerns and worries about living alone in a foreign land. I joined SolveHR to assist with their concerns, and I am committed to providing wholehearted support to ensure that foreigners can work with peace of mind and enjoy their daily lives in Japan.
Thank you!

出戸 美木乃


To become a bridge between the companies and the international people who would like to work in Japan, and a bridge between foreign countries and Japan, I would like to provide the services that put myself in their shoes. Thank you.

石田 修


I joined the staff of SolveHR Co., Ltd. newly. While supporting companies seeking foreign human resources, we will strive to provide an environment where foreigners can work with peace of mind.

安達 佳史


I would like to work wholeheartedly to help fulfill the dreams of foreign workers who want to work in Japan by acting as an intermediary with the companies.

佐藤 邦長


Amid the demand for understanding in a multicultural society, I will dedicate all efforts to support the promotion of employment and providing assistance for foreign workers. Thank you.