外国免許切替手順 – Converting to Japanese Driving License Procedures




1. 適格性の確認:最初に、外国免許が日本での運転免許に切り替えられるかどうかの適格性を確認します。一部の国々からの免許は、そのまま切り替えが可能です。

2. 必要書類の用意:外国免許切替のために必要な書類を用意します。これには外国免許証、運転経歴証明、在留カード、住民票、写真、JAFが翻訳した外国免許証、申込料など用意します。
運転経歴証明は国によって発行する機関が異なりますので、先にご確認下さい(インドネシアはTMC/Traffic Management Centreか警察署、フィリピンはLTO/Land Transportation Office)

3. 免許センターにアポイント予約:所在地に応じて、運転免許センターにアポイント予約必要があります。

4. 書類提出:運転免許センターに書類を提出します。書類は審査のために提出されます。

5. 審査と試験:提出した書類が審査され、次は道路交通法規試験や実技試験を受験する必要があります。審査内容や試験内容は所在地によって異なる場合があります。

6. 運転免許証の交付:審査と試験に合格すると、日本の運転免許証が交付されます。




Hello everyone, this is Rheza, in charge of foreign workers. Lately, I’ve been receiving many inquiries from foreign workers who want to convert to a Japanese driver’s license, so I’d like to share the process of converting a foreign driver’s license to all of you.

The procedure for switching a foreign driver’s license to a Japanese one is as follows:

1. Eligibility Check: First, verify whether your foreign driver’s license is eligible for conversion to a Japanese driver’s license. Some licenses from certain countries can be converted directly.

2. Document Preparation: Prepare the necessary documents for the license conversion. These include your foreign driver’s license, driving history certificate, residence card, resident certificate, a 2,4cm X 3,0cm photo, a japanese translation of your foreign driver’s license by JAF, and the application fee.

The institution responsible for issuing the driving history certificate varies by country, you have to make sure beforehand (e.g., Indonesia is TMC/Traffic Management Centre section or local district police station, Philippines is LTO/Land Transportation Office).

If the issuance date is not written on your foreign driver’s license, it must be written on the driving history certificate.

You need to have stayed in that country for more than three months from the day your country’s license was issued.

3. Make an appointment with the License Center: Depending on your location, you would need to book an appointment with the driver’s license center.

4. Document Submission: Submit your documents to the driver’s license center. The documents are submitted for review.

5. Document Review and Exam: Your submitted documents will be reviewed, and you will need to take a road traffic regulations exam or a practical test. The specifics of the review and tests may vary by location.

6. Issuance of the Driver’s License: If you pass the review and exam, you will receive your Japanese driver’s license.

In some cases, the entire process can take from 3 to 6 months. The procedure for converting a foreign driver’s license may vary by location, and it can be complex in some cases. For detailed information and accurate procedures, please contact your nearest driver’s license center.

Go get your license and let’s enjoy the beautiful scenery of Japan through driving!