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About the Specified Skilled Worker(SSW) Program

Specified Skilled Worker is a status of residence created to give foreign nationals more opportunities to work in Japan. There are two types of Specified Skilled Worker status of residence: type (i) and type (ii). The type (ii) status of residence requires more specialized skills than type (i).

  Specified skilled worker(i) Specified skilled worker(ii)
Period of stay Up to 5 years in total with renewals every 1 year, 6 months or 4 months. Unlimited. Renewal every 3 years, 1 year or 6 months.
Exams Skill Standards & Japanese Language Level. (those who have completed technical intern training(ii) are exempt from the exam) Skill Standards ONLY.
Accompaniment by of family members In principle, not permitted Permitted I conditions are satisfied.
Support for foreigners Foreigners shall be supported by "Accepting Organization" or "Registered Supporting Organization". They are not eligible for support from accepting organizations or registered supporting organizations

Work that Can Be Conducted as a SSW

The Specified Skilled Worker status of residence allows people to work in the following 14 fields.

Employment Fields Covered by Specified Skilled Worker (i)

Nursing care
Food service industry
Accommodation industry
Building cleaning
Automobile repair and maintenance
Manufacture of food and beverages
Construction industry
Aviation Industry
Shipbuilding and Ship Machinery Industries
Machine Parts and Tooling Industories
Industial Macinery Industry
Electric,Electronics and Information Industries

Employment Fields Covered by Specified Skilled Worker (ii)

Construction industry
Shipbuilding and Ship Machinery Industries

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Support Plan Outline

(1) Match you and a company who wants to hire "Specified Skilled Worker"
・We support finding a job suits you.
(2) Provide Advance Guidance
・Explain in person or by video call working conditions,immigration procedures and the existence of security deposit collection, etc. after the signing of employment contracts but prior to applying for a Certificate of Eligibility or applying for permission to change the status of residence
(3) Pick-up and Drop-off when Entering and Leaving Japan
・Pick-up and drop-off between airport and office or home when arriving
・Pick-up and drop-off and accompaniment to security checkpoints at airport when returning
(4) Support with Contracts Necessary to Secure Housing/Living
・Serving as joint guarantor, providing company housing etc.
・Guidance on opening a bank account, and establishing utility and mobile phone contracts, etc.
(5) Provide Life Orientation
・Explanation of Japanese rules and manners, how to use public institutions,contact information and disaster response for smooth social life.
(6) Accompany for Official Procedures
・As necessary, accompany for residential registration, social security and tax procedures etc., and aid for document preparation
(7) Provide Opportunities to Learn Japanese
・Enrolment information for Japanese language classes and provision of information on Japanese learning materials etc.
(8) Respond to Questions and Complaints
・With respect to consultations and complaints about work and life, provide necessary guidance and advice in a language which can be fully understood by the foreign nationals
(9) Promote Exchanges with Japanese People
・Provide guidance and assist in the participation in exchanges with local residents such as neighbourhood associations, and local festivals etc.
(10) Support Change of Employment (in the event of staff reduction etc.)
・Help to find work in the event that the accepting side cancels the employment contract due to their own circumstances, providing a letter of recommendation, and the granting of paid leave for job hunting and necessary administrative procedures, etc.
(11) Regular Interviews and Reporting to Administrative Agencies
・The person responsible meets regularly with the foreign national or their boss (at least once every three months) and reports any violations of the Labor Standards Act
Source : 出入国在留管理庁特定技能制度「Efforts for Acceptance of Foreign Nationals and Harmonious Coexistence」[PDF]

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